About Us

“Black business is dull. Black business men and women their thinking and creativity is compulsory within the Business and Communications industries” ICE DIAMOND is a 100% black owned company formed to address the dullness and unattractiveness within the Communications business industry.We specialise in providing variety of technical services for a wide spectrum of clientele including corporate entities, public institutionsas well as commercial and none commercial.

These services consist of the following areas of work
Events Management
Public Relations
Events Logistics

ICE DIAMOND is a registered organization in form of a PTY LTD run by two passionate and enthusiastic youth, over the past years entity has been involve in a number of business trainings, of commercial projects and business initiatives intended to assist and facilitate competence and professionalism. The company at the moment does not have full time personnel, it brings on board relevant expertise as and when the need arises. Fundamentally most employees on the payroll of the company are on none payment basis; however the company has an objective to grow to a point of being able to employ people on a full time and permanent basis.

Our internal process ensures that we have a plan in place to inspect work as and when it’s done. We believe that the quality of work must be inspected from time to time. The quality assurance policy is reviewed time and again to ensure that it keeps up with the required standards expected off work.

ICE DIAMOND is committed to business growth and sustainability through the provision of professional and competent technical services, Communications.

To in still the entrepreneurial flair and passion of South Africans within the Communication business industry and thus promoting the principles of Skills Development Act, and create more jobs and alleviate Poverty.